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Publications and toolkits

Beautiful, accessible, and easy to read, our award-winning publications are made to connect with readers — from the first page to the last.

Our publications and toolkits are:

Designed to be read

Every publication we design has its own message and audience. We pay close attention to the details like layout, legibility, and accessibility so your publication can captivate, inspire, and connect with the readers you want to reach.

Beautifully accessible

More accessible should never mean less creative. The publications and toolkits we design are more legible, beautiful, and impactful because they’re accessible, From stunning layouts to UA-compliant PDFs, we can help you attract more readers.

Visually captivating

Simple, digestible, and visually appealing content captivates readers and gets them to the heart of your message faster. We’ll help you simplify complex ideas, present content more beautifully, and connect with your audience.

Be beautifully accessible.

Publications and toolkits services

Publications can cover a wide range of digital and printed formats. Here are some of our most common services. Don’t see what you're looking for? Get in touch.

Annual reports
Icons + infographics
Instruction guides + manuals
Printed books
Ebooks + digital books
Presentation decks + slides
Novels + cover design
Catalogues + souvenir books
Editorials + magazines
Educational guides + toolkits
Research + medical guides
Accessible EPUBs + PDFs

Publications and toolkits FAQs

In addition to offering strategic recommendations on how copy can work better or be more consistent for your audience, we often help clients massage their existing or draft content to make it more engaging and effective. Looking for more in-depth copywriting (e.g., an entire annual report)? We work with a few expert copywriters we can connect you with.
Yes! We can design in just about any language. We’re experts at laying out content in English and French, as well as Algonquin, Spanish, German, and Arabic, to name a few. Tip: Different languages take up varying amounts of space, so connecting with us early can help you understand how each language will affect your project.
Accessibility is really important to us, too. We can create PDF files that are 100% UA/PDF-compliant, EPUB 3.0 W3C documents, and also work to WCAG 2.0 AA standards (and some AAA if needed) to improve the accessibility of web content across all devices for people with a wide range of abilities.
Our quick answer: it depends. Making a document accessible is not just about hardwiring accessible features into it after the fact — design also plays a crucial role in document accessibility. If your document’s design doesn’t comply with accessible standards for colour, contrast, font sizes, legibility, or readability, we may need to redesign it first. Of course, we’d be more than happy to review your document to determine whether or not a redesign is required.
Absolutely! We design publications of varying lengths with varying types of content — from smaller brochures to larger reports to novels. One thing to note is that the length of a final, designed document will likely be longer than a text document. Once we design the document using proper layout and spacing, accessible font sizes, graphics, images, etc., it’s reasonable to expect your page count to double.

Publications can range from magazines and books to annual reports and brochures to UA-compliant PDFs and EPUBs. Here are some of the most common questions we get about them. Still need answers? Get in touch anytime.

An array of open book spreads showing various layouts for a patient journey. Pgaes include layouts with text ad several yellow, re, and brown illustrations.

Alopecia Areata Patient Journey

CANAAF worked with us to develop a custom-illustrated guide designed to cultivate understanding and support for those suffering from Alopecia Areata.


Be beautifully accessible.

Other services

Array of branded products including a water bottle, t-shirt, and a smartphone displaying a website.

Brand strategy and identity

Building a brand that’s powerful, purposeful, and timeless starts with a clear idea of why you exist, what you believe, how you’re different, and who you help.

Exhibits and environments

Creating spaces that tell bold stories and inspire visitors demands experience, meticulous attention to detail, and a passion for connecting with people.
A museum exhibit space with a large blue-toned portrait painting of a woman within a large pink arch shape, seen through an arch-shaped opening in a pink wall.
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