ninesixteen—Ottawa Office

Relentlessly high standards.

At nineSixteen, we’re our own biggest critics and question the status quo to account for every possibility. We believe that by being meticulously detailed and consistently consistent, we can create brands that stand out, turn heads, and have lasting impact.

We do this by building a lasting and meaningful relationship with our clients—working with you, not for you—to help you fully realize who you are and what you want to say to the world.

Detailed, attentive service.

Founded in 2003, nineSixteen is an Ottawa-based boutique design firm that brings to each project an objective process for creating excellent branding and design work that elevates businesses, inspires audiences, and makes the world more beautiful.

But more than access to our proven design skills, clients come back to us — again and again — because of our flexible and friendly approach to how we do business.

Meet your creative team

Ilesh Parmar

Principal / Designer

As founder of nineSixteen, Ilesh has his critical eye on on all that we do — with the foresight and experience of a successful business owner and designer. He has guided countless creative projects and is a whiz when it comes to graphics, web design and illustration. His ever-present thirst for knowledge is unquenchable and he spends many of his off-the-clock hours poring over the latest design research and techniques. With warmth and clarity, he asks the hardest questions, pushing our creative team to find the best solutions for our clients.

Ilesh’s experience and love for design doesn’t end at our studio. He spends many hours each year in the classroom, spreading his knowledge of branding, packaging and exhibit design to industrial design students at Carleton University. Teaching keeps Ilesh passionate about the future of design, allowing us to stay connected to the ebb and flow of our field and the latest and greatest in the profession.

Danielle Parmar

Principal / Designer

Danielle brings a fresh eye and trend-setting approach to everything we do. Whether it’s naming, branding, or laying out a publication, her designs are always pushing the envelope. With a Masters of Design degree and an extensive background in design research, she makes it her job to ensure that everything we create is always targeted, on-brand and most importantly unique — making our clients stand out and look their best.

With her architectural background, Danielle is also an exceptional environmental graphic designer and loves to create graphics that transcend the realm of 2D. She has a knack for envisioning spaces that entice and stimulate imagination. This, combined with the right amount of level-headedness and persistence makes our finished exhibits and 3D graphics carry through from the imagined to the physical with ease.

William Ratke

Contract Web Developer

As a pixel perfectionist and programming pro, William is a designer’s ideal developer. With a background in fine-arts, William is a gem to work with. He understands that user experience and design are just as important as functionality and is always willing to figure out a way to make the things we need look stunning and function seamlessly — allowing us to deliver the best digital solutions to our clients.

Always accepting of the new challenges we’re continuously handing him, there’s little he can’t do. His knowledge is always growing and runs the full range of what our clients need to establish and grow a commanding online presence. From all the latest CMS platforms, to the multiple languages we can’t understand, William is our man.

Creative Network

The perfect team — every time.

Working with us gets you access to our in-house team and our extended Creative Network of photographers, copywriters, 3D designers, scenographers, and translators — all of whom share our DNA for producing bold and creative work.

This streamlined style of working allows us to hand-select expertise only when its needed, giving you the perfect team for your unique project needs.


Discover the benefits of working with professional designers with a proven record of executing stunning creative, backed by insightful strategic thinking.

“nineSixteen’s design work has been a highlight of my private practice, still gets tons of compliments, and has enhanced my life on a daily basis. It seems to me that design is the context and, while people may be unaware of it, it changes and makes things better in their environment.”

Dr. Patricia Gervaize
Reproductive Health Psychologist