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Exhibits and environments

We design spaces that are captivating, informative, and accessible — spaces that tell stories, leave lasting impressions, and inspire visitors to return.

Exhibits and environments services

We’re flexible about how we can get involved with exhibits or branded environments. These are some of the more common services we offer. Looking for something specific? Get in touch.

Exhibit graphic design

Branded spaces

Travelling exhibits + trade shows

Outdoor exhibits + signage

Wayfinding + interior signage

Scenography + space planning

Iconography + infographics

Custom map illustration

Interactive UI + graphics

Exhibit books + catalogues

Exhibit marketing materials

Retail space + shop design

Our exhibits and environments are:

Designed for impact

For any space we design, we collaboratively put every effort into developing a strong vision focused on creating an immersive and inclusive experience, while designing and displaying just the right amount of content.

Beautifully accessible

More accessible should never mean less creative. More than just good contrast and legible text, we believe accessible exhibits and spaces attract more visitors and are more usable, beautiful, and impactful because they’re inclusive.

Seamlessly consistent

Whether you’re launching an exhibit, building a trade show booth, or branding an office space, our expertise can help you seamlessly transition your brand between 2D and 3D uses, ensuring it’s consistent no matter how it’s presented.

Be beautifully accessible.

Exhibits and environments FAQs

It’s tempting to dive straight into the redesign of an exhibit upgrade, but it’s critical to first do what we refer to as an exhibit audit. This allows us to assess your existing exhibit — whether or not it’s accessible, if you should revisit your content, or if the layout of the space needs to change. This forms a strategy that helps guide the project and creates the first piece of your overall vision, giving you a better understanding of your most impactful changes and how they can make the best use of your budget.
Absolutely! As brand ambassadors with expertise in exhibit, graphic, and industrial design, we can help you choose paint colours and materials, design wall graphics and signage, and even plan your space and curate furniture. We’ll first assess your branding to ensure you have everything you need to translate your brand to your space. From there, we’ll work with you from concept to installation to transform your space into an impactful and consistent brand asset.
The cost of an exhibit can vary greatly depending on a number of factors: How much content is there? What’s the square footage of the space? Will the installation be permanent, temporary, or travelling? Are there digital or mechanical interactive elements? As these and other questions get answered, costs can range from $150–$500 per square foot (and sometimes higher). If you’re not sure what your budget can cover — or what your budget should be — we can work with you to assess your needs and nail down a scope of work.
Every exhibit project has its own unique planning and design approach. Some clients come to us with a team already assembled and a content plan already in place. Others are starting from scratch and need our help to build a team. We’re flexible, so we’ll make sure you have the right people and plans in place to get your exhibit project started — and finished.
We take accessibility very seriously and refuse to design anything that doesn’t meet the latest universal accessibility (UA) standards. We ensure that colours, contrast, text sizes, line lengths, content heights, aisle widths, as well as many other rules are followed and never compromised. We know these guidelines well, and when we design with them already in mind, you end up with an exhibit that’s both accessible and beautiful.

Exhibition projects are complex and require a detailed approach, an efficient process, and a hand-selected team to get you to the finish line. Here's what we get asked most often. Still need answers? Get in touch.


‘Cold War’

We helped design and produce Ingenium’s first large-scale permanent exhibits at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, seeting a new standard for accessible and impactful content.


Be beautifully accessible.

Other services

Array of branded products including a water bottle, t-shirt, and a smartphone displaying a website.

Brand strategy and identity

Building a brand that’s powerful, purposeful, and timeless starts with a clear idea of why you exist, what you believe, how you’re different, and who you help.

Publications and toolkits

Designing materials that audiences want to read takes insight into who you’re targeting, what you want them to take away, and which formats work best.
An array of open annual report spreads designed with purple and teal graphics, photos, and text.
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