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Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation

Bringing support, understanding, and hope to the Alopecia Areata experience

An educational guide detailing the spectrum of Alopecia Areata patient journeys

An illustrated group of three patients with varying degrees of hair loss from Alopecia Areata on a yellow background with an illustrated red butterfly flying in the background.
Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation
Project type
Patient toolkit

CANAAF approached us with a clear mission: to develop a comprehensive roadmap that would offer unwavering support to individuals grappling with alopecia areata, from the moment they first detect symptoms to their long-term care journey. Moreover, CANAAF aimed to shed light on the unique challenges faced by alopecia patients, galvanizing healthcare professionals and researchers towards enhancing patient care.

In response, we started by conceptualizing a strategy and design approach for a digital journey booklet that would resonate deeply with both alopecia patients and healthcare experts. Working closely with CANAAF, we worked to create an informative and visually engaging guide, meticulously addressing symptoms, management strategies, and how individuals can thrive while living with alopecia.

The final product exceeded expectations, resulting in a fully illustrated booklet that can be either printed or shared digitally within the alopecia areata community and beyond. This invaluable resource conveniently consolidated essential information, enabling individuals to navigate their alopecia journey with newfound confidence and peace of mind. Through this project, we not only provided crucial support to alopecia patients but also contributed to the advancement of patient care by raising awareness among healthcare professionals and researchers.

“It was a pleasure working with nineSixteen on this project. They were very accommodating to all our feedback and found creative ways to bring our vision to life. Their designs are captivating and clear. Would not hesitate to recommend and work with them again!”
Valerie Chong

Be beautifully accessible.

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