Whether you choose nineSixteen for stunning visual design, attention-grabbing 3D exhibits or groundbreaking strategic advice, you get innovation and a thorough, creative process working for you. Our portfolio tells the story.

Our work doesn’t stop there. We also back our creative output with an unwavering focus on solid business principles. After all, we’re business owners too. It means creative products have to do more than look great—they also need to yield measurable results.

Make a brand welcoming, consistent and accessible to a wide-ranging audience looking for help.

Our visual brand strategy for the Eczema Society of Canada.

Capture the experience of an exhibit in a pocket-sized keepsake.

Our series of Souvenir Catalogues for the Canadian Musem of History and Canadian War Museum.

Energize and inspire your students with environmental graphics for a boxing and taekwondo club.

Our brand identity and environmental graphics for Tae Bombo Academy.

Create a vivid photo exhibition for a museum or art gallery.

Two of our favourite photo exhibits for the Canadian War Museum

Create a visually stimulating outdoor exhibit that will capture the attention of a wide Canadian audience.

Our outdoor Plaza Bridge exhibits designed for Canadian Heritage

Create a high-impact visual brand for a large-scale professional company.

Our brand identity and collateral package for Rivard Enterprises.

Build brand awareness and loyalty with engaging environmental graphics.

Our multi-phase signage installations for the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine.

Encourage professionals to gather and share ideas and research online.

Our brand identity, conference collateral and forum website for the Canadian Cardiac Oncology Network.

Elevate a brand beyond its competition with aesthetic and functional retail packaging.

Our redesigned product packaging line for We-Vibe.

Captivate audiences with stories of isolation and persecution during the First World War.

Our Enemy Aliens travelling exhibit for the Canadian War Museum.

Keep a 35-year-old brand fresh for a family-oriented and thriving community.

Our brand update and collateral strategy for the Barrhaven Optometric Centre.

Position a local company as an international choice for research.

Our brand identity, collateral package and website for Red Maple Trials.

Energize stakeholders with inspiring stories of dedication, achievement and community support.

Our annual reports for The Ottawa Hospital Department of Medicine.

Create a bold and consistent visual brand for a downtown restaurant.

Our brand identity update and collateral strategy for Fresco Bistro Italiano.

Expose public visitors and tourists to breathtaking visual content.

Our outdoor photo exhibition for Canadian Heritage and Parks Canada.


See more examples of how we transform ideas into creative designs that win hearts and minds.

Our event branding and collateral for the Dancing with the Docs fundraiser.

Our brand identity update and business collateral package for Lashley + Associates.

Our history wall installation for the Ottawa Blood Disease Centre.

Our brand identity and full collateral package for Zone 5 Inc.

A selection of our work for the Canadian War Museum.

A selection of our work for the Canadian Museum of History.

A selection of our work for the National Capital Commission.


I’ve worked with nineSixteen on a series of souvenir books, and after the first book I knew that I would be calling on them again. Their work is consistent, reliable and excellent. They’ve demonstrated the ability to maintain a common look and feel for the series but also to evolve it, making each book new and exciting. They have an incredibly quick turnaround and go above and beyond to meet tight print deadlines. Working with nineSixteen has been enjoyable and easy—and that last one makes all the difference.

— Lee Wyndham —
Publications Coordinator
Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian War Museum