Instinct, meet skill.

Great design must come from two places. First, it comes from having a well-honed instinct for selecting the right methods to identify and examine creative problems. But it must also come from having the experience of knowing how to choose the right tools to solve these kinds of problems.

It is at the meeting point of these two abilities that professional design delivers the experience and impact you’re looking for.

Execution matters.

Ideas are moot without the skill of execution. Delivering an idea that encourages your audience to take action is the most important goal of our design process. Being successful at this is what helps your business grow and achieve the strategic objectives that matter most to you.

That’s what you can expect when you choose our winning approach to creative thinking and design.


Branding, Identity & Strategy

Boost your business with branding and strategy that jumps ahead of the pack.


Brand identity (logo) design

A great brand identity has the power to communicate everything about your business in a single icon, and influence a customer’s decision immediately. Make a first impression that won’t be forgotten.

Brand strategy

Communicating a seamless brand through consistent design and messaging is a sure-fire way to increase visibility and loyalty. Like creating a map, we can help you figure out where you want your business to go — and exactly how to get it there.

Strategic marketing plans

Think of this as a major expansion pack for your marketing — one that complements our brand strategy. We look at your marketplace, competitors, and audiences and make a wide range of recommendations that form an actionable strategy.


Add depth to who you are and why you are. More than just developing one-sentence messages, our writing process determines what you want your audience to believe and then finds the words to get them there.


Exhibit Design & Environments

Create spaces that people love with environmental graphics and exhibit design.


Exhibition design

Tell compelling stories that people love with captivating exhibits. From pop-up displays to fully immersive environments, we’ll find that perfect balance between content and space to give your audience an engaging and memorable experience.

Exhibition graphic design

Elevate any exhibit with graphic design that puts the visitor at the centre of the experience. Everything is considered — from font choices and legibility, to contrast and colour, to accessibility and communication — to give your visitors a truly unique experience.

Environmental graphic design

Create an engaging and seamless experience by extending your brand to your physical space. Reception areas, retail spaces, signage and donor walls are all possible with our backgrounds in industrial design and architecture.

Wayfinding, mapping & signage

At its core, good wayfinding is clear, minimal and remarkably simple. With custom-illustrated maps, accessible fonts and high-contrast graphics and materials, your users will be amazed at how easy it is to go from Point A to Point B and beyond.

Industrial Design

Custom or modified furniture, display cases, retail structures and more are within your grasp. With backgrounds in industrial design and architecture, we can help you add a unique finishing touch to any space.

Spacial Planning

Ensure your branded space not only has a great look, but also has a great flow. With expertise in ergonomics, architecture, and Universal Accessibility (UA), we have the tools to help make your space functional and enjoyable for everyone.


Print Design & Packaging

Get your message out with stunning print collateral, publications and packaging.


Branded marketing collateral

Every touchpoint matters. From business cards to brochures, posters to presentations, and shirts to sales kits — and everything in between — tangible, consistently-branded collateral can do things a digital experience can’t do alone.

Annual reports & publications

Publications can connect with your readers in a way that no other printed piece can. We design custom, award-winning publications with a tangible uniqueness that will awe your reader — including catalogues, annual reports, gift books, magazines, and novels.


The right package will successfully communicate the right product, price-point and content to the right market. Let your product stand out on the shelf with authentic personality, economic viability and most importantly, consumer feel-good quality.

Packaging strategy

Whether you have a range of products or a range of audiences, we can help you pare down and simplify your packaging into an efficient, creative and economical line that will ensure consistency between your products and loyalty from your customers.


Web Design & Interactive

Engage your audience with online/ digital tools that are beautiful and easy to use.


Web design

Boost your brand’s online presence with a responsive and device-friendly website that’s balanced with beautiful design, useful functionality and open accessibility.

Web development

A site that looks great but functions poorly isn’t much use. Work with us and get the most out of your online presence with a website that’s not only easy to look at, but also easy to use.

Online strategy

Knowing that you need a website is only the first step. Knowing how to make your site work for you is where the real power lies. Whether it’s deciding how to organize your site or timing your newsletters just right, we can help you plan for success.

Web copywriting

With so many online choices, short, concise, benefit-driven copy, maximized for SEO, can not only grab attention, but can inspire measurable action from your website’s visitors.

App design

Strike the perfect balance between a beautiful and intuitive user interface (UI) design and a memorable and frustration-free user experience (UX). Let us help you design an app that your mobile audience will love.


Unlike printed books, e-books require a deep understanding of responsive UI/UX. This is why we’ll treat your e-books differently — designing for screen size, maximum legibility, and of course, big impact for your readers.


Effective presentations don’t just deliver information. They leave a clear and lasting impression with your audience. Let us help you deliver a captivating visual and/or oral presentation that’s engaging, well-transitioned and story-driven.


Illustration & Iconography

Elevate your visuals with clean, customized graphics, icons and imagery.


Custom vector illustration

Reach beyond status quo stock imagery and artwork, with impactful, custom, vector-based illustrations in almost any style, that are clean, camera-ready, and infinitely scalable, without any loss of quality or fidelity.

Technical illustration

When precision is at the forefront, our technical illustration abilities — from floor plans and fabrication drawings to measured specs and medical renderings — benefit from our backgrounds in industrial design and architecture.


From simple graphs to complex data, communicate information quickly, easily, and beautifully while promoting consistency with your brand or product with custom-designed infographics that fit seamlessly into any collateral.


Communicate complex ideas in thoughtful, simple icons designed specifically to fit with the visual language of your brand. From icons used for maps and signage, to those used to represent ideas unique to your business, we can help you find the perfect symbol.

Discover the benefits of working with professional designers with a proven record of executing stunning creative, backed by insightful strategic thinking.

“ninesixteen is so easy to work with because their designers are intuitive. They understand what we want and give us several unique options to choose from. Turnarounds are fast, their attention to detail always results in a superior product, and their team’s easy-going attitude and sense of humour help to push even the most stressful projects along. I’ve received many compliments on ninesixteen’s designs — I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Elizabeth Hale
Exhibit Project Manager