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Ingenium Canada

Spotlighting the contributions of women in STEM

An illustrated poster series showcasing over 130 women and their roles in advancing science, technology, engineering, and math

An array of three posters, one blue, one green, and one purple, each with black-and-white text blocks, and an illustration of a woman scientist.
Ingenium Canada
Project type
Illustrated poster series

When the challenge presented itself to shine a spotlight on Women in STEM, Ingenium entrusted us with the task of creating an impactful and inspiring poster series. Our role was to craft a collection that would resonate with young women and girls, inspiring them to pursue careers in STEM fields.

The team did extensive research, exploring a variety of illustration styles, icons, and poster layouts. Our palette of vibrant colours was carefully curated to capture the target audience. Presenting our ideas to the Ingenium team, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback, prompting them to extend the initial scope of 18 posters to well over 120 posters to date — with more to come.

Garnering praise from the public and organizations alike, the Women in STEM campaign has transcended borders and reached embassies and institutions worldwide, including a prominent feature at Expo 2020 in Dubai. Translation of posters to Spanish, German, and Arabic have broadened the series’ impact. Notably, the posters are showcased in the Canadian Encyclopedia, and some have been transformed into engaging colouring pages.

The popularity of this poster series spurred the development of the Iron Willed: Women in STEM exhibit, as well as a Diversity in STEM poster series, solidifying our commitment to championing inclusivity and equality in STEM, and exemplifying our dedication to crafting compelling narratives that resonate globally.

“nineSixteen’s combination of creativity and professionalism was exactly what we needed for the ‘Women in STEM’ project. They were able to meet with us, absorb the team’s ideas and proposed highly creative concepts that translated into a clear, clean and aesthetically attractive series of posters that the team is proud of. Great work!”
‘Women in STEM’ team
Ingenium Canada

Be beautifully accessible.

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