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Department of Medicine

Forming new perspectives to re-envision a better future

‘Re:Focus’ — the 2018–2019 annual report for Ottawa’s Department of Medicine

A bright purple annual report cover with the words "RE:FOCUS" written in large blue-outlined block letters, and neon pink line graphics, next to an open spread of the report with pink text on a purple background on the left, and a table of contents on the right.
Department of Medicine
Project type
Annual report
Gilmore Printing; Trevor Lush Photography

The title of the 2018–2019 annual report for the Ottawa Department of Medicine, ‘Re:Focus’, was an intentional play-on-words alluding to the Department’s efforts to focus their attention on specific goals, as well as their need to refocus to gain new perspectives in medicine.

This theme was carried throughout the report, echoed in the chapter titles (Re:Vision, Re:Generate, etc.), and in the abstract feel of the imagery and graphics. Further inspired to present a report that ‘looked at things in a new way’, the report was printed with a limited palette of three vibrant Pantone inks.

“Working with nineSixteen since 2010, they have consistently raised the bar for our annual reports. Their creativity and quality of work are outstanding — our reports have become the most anticipated and celebrated communication pieces for our Department, and a highly-regarded publication throughout The Ottawa Hospital community. It’s great to work with a firm that’s talented, flexible and responsive — all while keeping our goals at the heart of all that they do.”
Tracy Serafini
Manager of Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Department of Medicine

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