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Canadian War Museum

Amplifying the voices of women artists for a more inclusive war narrative

A temporary exhibition showcasing the works of several prominent Canadian women war artists

A museum exhibit space with a large blue-toned portrait painting of a woman within a large pink arch shape, seen through an arch-shaped opening in a pink wall.
Canadian War Museum
Project type
Temporary exhibition

From the World Wars to more recent conflicts, female war artists have provided a unique perspective and documented the experiences of soldiers, civilians, and the devastating impact of war on communities. Amplifying the voices of underrepresented artists challenges dominant war narratives and ensures a more inclusive representation of history.

Within our role of art direction and graphic design, our task was to thoughtfully showcase a temporary yet comprehensive 7,850 sq. ft. exhibition designed to spark discussion, provoke deep thought, and emotionally connect visitors to the significance of these artworks. The circular and arch-like forms physically mimic doors and barriers while also evoking references to voice, femininity, and the passage of time.

19th century women were silenced, but 21st century women are breaking barriers. In this visually dynamic space, colours shift, arches expand, and graphics intensify as visitors move through it. Working collaboratively, we developed didactic graphic storytelling to illustrate the unique stories and experiences of different artists. In these areas, we also directed the UX design for digital interactives, including touchscreens and multimedia, for visitors to explore additional information about key artists, their inspirations, and the historical context of their work.

The immersive experience of the exhibit not only connects visitors to the significance of the artworks, it also showcases uniquely female perspectives on war that are significant to our shared war narrative. By utilizing impactful graphic storytelling, interactive elements, and a highly immersive space, visitors are engaged on multiple levels, resulting in a profound understanding and appreciation for the insights and resilience of women war artists.

Be beautifully accessible.

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