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Department of Medicine

Cutting through the noise to find harmonious ways forward

‘Cutting New Grooves’ — the 2019–2020 annual report for Ottawa’s Department of Medicine

An array of open annual reports, with the centre book depicting a high-contrast black-and-white portrait of a man on the left, and a bright green page with black text on the right.
Department of Medicine
Project type
Annual report
Gilmore Printing; Trevor Lush Photography

In the first year of COVID-19, it was important that we showcase the resilience and dedication of the Department of Medicine (DoM) in the face of unprecedented obstacles. Crafted in the format of a vinyl record, this annual report captured many of the highs and lows of the DoM’s journey throughout the year.

The report’s title and theme, “Cutting New Grooves”, reflected the Department’s focus on cutting through chaos with positivity. By incorporating physicians’ favourite music genres into album covers, each profile comes alive with energy, celebrating their diverse personalities, valuable leadership, and personal resilience.

Printed with retro-inspired Pantone inks, this report was a colorful symbol of perseverance, distributed throughout the Department and beyond. After a challenging first year navigating COVID-19, this report served as a much-needed celebration of the Department’s achievements as well as a “record” of its perseverance during a difficult year.

“Working with nineSixteen since 2010, they have consistently raised the bar for our annual reports. Their creativity and quality of work are outstanding — our reports have become the most anticipated and celebrated communication pieces for our Department, and a highly-regarded publication throughout The Ottawa Hospital community. It’s great to work with a firm that’s talented, flexible and responsive — all while keeping our goals at the heart of all that they do.”
Tracy Serafini
Manager of Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Department of Medicine

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