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Department of Medicine

Embracing change as a catalyst for progress

‘Metamorphosis’ — the 2021–2022 annual report for Ottawa’s Department of Medicine

An array of annual report spreads, showing various layouts that include dark green pages with colour and white elements, and cream pages with green and black text.
Department of Medicine
Project type
Annual report
Gilmore Printing; Trevor Lush Photography

The Department of Medicine has undergone a remarkable transformation since the COVID-19 pandemic began, prompting this year’s report to highlight those positive changes. Together with our client, our goal was to depict the Department’s journey of overcoming adversities and embracing innovative approaches to maintain its high standard of patient care. The chosen title and theme “Metamorphosis” represented a profound change in form, structure, and mindset, similar to the transformation of caterpillar to butterfly.

Drawing inspiration from the theme, we crafted a captivating visual narrative for the annual report, accentuating the Department of Medicine’s accomplishments through change, despite the challenges of the pandemic’s second year. A dynamic colour palette, a retro-science style to juxtapose past with present, and intricate patterns featuring various butterfly species were all curated throughout the report to convey the spirit of positive and dynamic change.

“Working with nineSixteen since 2010, they have consistently raised the bar for our annual reports. Their creativity and quality of work are outstanding — our reports have become the most anticipated and celebrated communication pieces for our Department, and a highly-regarded publication throughout The Ottawa Hospital community. It’s great to work with a firm that’s talented, flexible and responsive — all while keeping our goals at the heart of all that they do.”
Tracy Serafini
Manager of Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Department of Medicine

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