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Building more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable communities

Strategy, branding, and design for an inclusion- and sustainability-focused national non-profit

Purple background with a flower logo made yup of overlapping lowercase Es next to the word "Eviance"
Project type
Brand strategy and identity

Eviance is a non-profit organization working as a knowledge hub on cross-disability issues, working with people with disabilities and their allies in Canada. Through community-based projects and public outreach projects, Eviance envisions a society that is inclusive, equitable, and accessible for all.

Formerly known as the Canadian Centre on Disability Studies, our work began with conceiving a new brand name and identity, and continued to include various collateral, and a new fully-accessible, responsive website. With a new strategic action plan and more focused activities on the horizon, our work with Eviance will continue with the development of an updated brand strategy and website in 2024.

Be beautifully accessible.

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