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Canadian War Museum

Highlighting contributions of Black Canadians throughout war history

Temporary and travelling exhibitions revealing the impact of Canada’s Black military service members

Dark museum corridor showcasing an exhibit of large portraits and bright yellow and red panels showcasing Black military history in Canada.
Canadian War Museum
Project type
Temporary and travelling exhibition

Bringing to life the lives and legacies of 22 Black men and women who served their country honourably and courageously, the Canadian War Museum in partnership with the Niagara Military Museum asked us to design a truly unique exhibition. Their goal was to illuminate the broader experience and profound contributions of Black Canadians to military history from the American Revolution to the present day.

Our goal was to create an immersive exhibition that celebrated the resilience and sacrifices of these remarkable individuals while authentically depicting the challenges they faced due to systemic racial barriers. To ensure this exhibit honoured the truth of these narratives, we worked closely with CWM and the Niagara Military Museum and their Black historians who consulted with families during their research process.

Inspired by Black history in North America, we curated a visual language that balanced celebration with solemn reflection. In addition to fonts designed by Black creators, concepts were refined through community focus groups to ensure their voices and perspectives were heard. As a result, the Canadian War Museum presented an evocative and dynamic exhibition.

The virtual opening during COVID-19 received such overwhelming support from both Museums that we are now working on a travelling exhibition. We are proud to be a part of this ongoing effort to share inclusive stories of resilience, courage, and valour.

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