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Athena Cannabis

Uncomplicating cannabis for a friendlier buying experience

Strategy, branding, and design for a cannabis retailer focused on customer satisfaction

Dark blue background with a white pill-shaped logo containing an icon that simultaneously represents a flame, a feather, and a spear head, next to white text "Athena Cannabis".
Athena Cannabis
Project type
Brand strategy and identity

When Athena Cannabis embarked on the journey to launch its flagship store in Kanata, Ontario, it faced the exciting challenge of carving out an identity in the bustling cannabis market. Our mission was clear: create a brand that resonated with Athena’s target audience, while seamlessly translating into the physical retail space.

Our first step was getting to know Athena from the inside out, delving deep into the company’s identity, audience, and goals. Collaborating closely with the owner, we unearthed Athena’s unique “why,” defining a niche that catered to both new and seasoned cannabis consumers seeking a straightforward buying experience. The resulting strategy served as the brand’s foundation, empowering Athena to stand out amidst Ottawa’s many cannabis competitors. 

With this clear direction, we designed a visual brand that mirrored Athena’s essence: bold, simple, and uncomplicated. We then worked closely with Athena’s interior designer to bring the brand to life in an accessible physical space, advising on paint colors, materials, treatments, and decor that were true to the brand.

The results were Athena’s clean and uncomplicated brand and flagship store, where Athena will continue to prioritize offering customers an uncomplicated cannabis buying experience.

“Awesome working with these guys. Just awesome.”
David Mispelaar
Athena Cannabis

Be beautifully accessible.

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