ninesixteen — Project — DOM ‘Fruits of Our Labour’ Annual Report ninesixteen — Project — DOM ‘Fruits of Our Labour’ Annual Report

The theme for the 2015–2016 annual report for The Ottawa Hospital’s Department of Medicine centred around the rewards being reaped for the hard work of the Department and its physicians.

As a playful interpretation of the theme — the Department receiving its ‘just desserts’ — the graphics centred around cakes, and featured cookbook-styled design, photography and illustration. Each physician profile also included the recipe of their favourite dessert, each baked for the photoshoots by Ottawa’s Buttercream Bakery and Catering.


Ottawa Department of Medicine


Publication design; Icon design; Infographic design; Vector illustration


Trevor Lush; Gilmore Reproductions

“Working with nineSixteen since 2010, they have consistently raised the bar for our annual reports. Their creativity and quality of work are outstanding — our reports have become the most anticipated and celebrated communication pieces for our Department, and a highly-regarded publication throughout The Ottawa Hospital community. It’s great to work with a firm that’s talented, flexible and responsive — all while keeping our goals at the heart of all that they do.”

Tracy Serafini
Department of Medicine

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