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Faculty of Medicine

Located at the General Campus of The Ottawa Hospital, the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine is considered one of the leading schools of medicine in Canada, training the next generation of physicians and health researchers. With strong ties to its affiliated hospitals and research institutes, the Faculty’s brand is an important part of its positioning and growth in medical education and research.

With the objective to introduce, communicate and extend the Faculty’s brand to its internal and external stakeholders, the Faculty of Medicine is working with us on a multi-phase initiative to develop a series of brand-centric signage installations within Roger Guindon Hall. Phases I and II of the project were completed in late 2014, and included several signage installations and a complete refinishing of the Faculty’s executive boardroom. Upcoming Phase III installations are set to be completed by Fall 2015, with Phase IV starting shortly thereafter.

Visual Brand Identity, Exhibit Design,
Signage, Illustration

Optima Communication


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From the onset of our working relationship, nineSixteen understood our goals of effectively introducing and communicating our brand and visual identity. They knew what we wanted to achieve and how to do it—sometimes before we did. Their guidance and expertise is provided throughout each phase of our projects, and working with nineSixteen is always a fun collaboration and exchange of ideas. Their flexibility, problem solving and positivity are unprecedented and greatly appreciated.

— Courtney Rodriguez & Susan Maroun —
Marketing & Communications Officer and Manager
University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine

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