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Souvenir Catalogues

Over the past four years, we have worked on a large array of souvenir catalogues for both the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian War Museum. Mandated by the Museums for select exhibitions, these pocket-sized books were created to extend the visit beyond the exhibit and allow visitors to bring their experiences home to remember and share.

Working as an integral part of the Museum’s publication team, we were responsible for maintaining a common visual identity for this series, while making each publication a unique and beautiful representation of its respective exhibit. In recognition of the design of these catalogues, the Museum received a prestigious 2016 Gold Quill Award from the International Association of Business Communicators.

Graphic Design, Publication Design, Cover and Artwork, Iconography and Illustration, Bilingual Typesetting, Interpreting Themes

Lee Wyndham, Corporate Products Coordinator and English Language Editor Canadian Museum of History and Canadian War Museum


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In addition to the larger catalogue created for the opening of the Canadian History Hall in July 2017 (above), smaller catalogues were created for other exhibits at both the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian War Museum (below).

A selection of catalogues designed by nineSixteen.


... Images and graphics have been used artfully, the consistency of design across the series supports the Museum branding perfectly.

— IABC Evaluator —
IABC Gold Quill Awards

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