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City of Ottawa

The goal of the City of Ottawa Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services department is to deliver high-quality recreation and cultural services, to improve general health and economic well-being, and to contribute to Ottawa’s quality of life, vibrancy and cultural identity.

Working with the City to redevelop park and trail wayfinding systems, our team created new standards of visual mapping to allow recreational park users to fully explore and interpret their surroundings. Our work extended to trail marker systems, map illustrations, graphics, and general wayfinding visual identity.

Illustration, Exhibit Design, Signage


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PETRIE ISLAND WAYFINDING Wanting to promote the numerous activities, amenities and trails located on Petrie Island, the City of Ottawa looked to us to develop consistent custom map illustrations, trailhead markers, signage and general wayfinding for Petrie Island Park. A large feature of this project was to also create new design standards for the creation of consistent future maps for City of Ottawa wayfinding systems.

SOUTH MARCH HIGHLANDS WAYFINDING With the success of the wayfinding project for Petrie Island, the City of Ottawa wanted to create a set of similar wayfinding maps for the South March Highlands trail network. Images of the many activities, as well as access routes, level of difficulty, and naming systems were integrated into these custom illustrated maps of the park.


Always a pleasure working with nineSixteen. They bring great attention to detail, working through numerous design iterations to deliver a final product that is both clean and distinctive. Each of the projects that nineSixteen has taken on for City of Ottawa, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services has had its own unique challenges. They have shown an innate ability to present information in a way that is both attractive and easy for the public to understand.

— Kevin Jones —
Planner/Project Manager
City of Ottawa

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